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Satisfy Disclosure Requirements With Confidence

Reach media, regulatory authorities, investors, and analysts around the world with the leader in IR press release distribution. With expertise, accuracy and editorial services that are second to none, GlobeNewswire is the partner you need. 

Our comprehensive solutions include turnkey EDGAR, SEDAR, EU Transparency Directive, and XBRL filing from our in-house services team.

With GlobeNewswire, you can:

  • Reach target audiences with business-critical news
  • Meet disclosure requirements
  • Get editorial support and translation when you need it
  • Measure the impact of your press releases

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Reach Audiences Worldwide

Distribute your material news and corporate announcements across North America and Europe via our proprietary distribution network. Our relationships with regulatory agencies and media partners around the world provide expansive reach for your news. GlobeNewswire press releases reach 92 countries in 35 local languages.

Meet Disclosure With Material News Distribution

Stay compliant, reach your shareholders worldwide and increase visibility among investors with GlobeNewswire distribution options for financial and material information. Your news is disclosed to regulatory authorities, media, analysts, investors, and all of your key stakeholders across the United States, Canada and throughout Europe.

Analyze and Measure the Impact of Your News

Measure the reach and ROI of your press releases and gain valuable insights with our post-distribution reports. Our enhanced Newswire Analytics provide metrics on reach, access, social engagement and visibility of your news.
Trust Our Experienced Editorial and Service Teams

Your high-visibility news is important, and typos are not an option. Even under the most pressing deadlines, our editorial team can help distribute your news quickly and accurately. We provide 24/7/365 support and can provide translation services when required. 

Take Advantage of Our Filing Services: EDGAR, SEDAR, EU Transparency, XBRL

In addition to press release distribution services, we also offer solutions to help properly format your financial information for accurate filings and help listed companies in the United States, Canada and Europe meet disclosure requirements mandated by regulatory agencies in their respective regions. Our filing specialists are here to provide the expert assistance you need to help you meet demanding deadlines.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say:

"Our editor provided the best customer experience I've had in years. And today is my first day as a customer. Well done!"

"Helpful on the day in getting a time-sensitive announcement out and helpful in following up with me."

"The extra layer of editorial review provided by the team for releases is outstanding and a great service that we appreciate enormously!"

"Extremely helpful in walking me through including multimedia in releases, and sent me examples from the industry and my company."

"The team caught a major discrepancy in the text; their diligence is greatly appreciated!"

"Answered all of my requests quickly and were very helpful throughout process."

"Provided excellent and fast responses to getting our new client set up. Very thankful for the wonderful service provided!"

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